"Good. I will have the Horn, whatever it takes."

External summary

<<<   Wolfbrother    >>>
Setting: south of the River Erinin

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Ingtar and Uno notice that Hurin, Rand and Loial are gone; they seemingly vanished.  Perrin thinks he can talk to the wolves, maybe, and find them.  His first encounter with the wolves, Perrin realizes he has to let go, and stop thinking this is a gift from the Dark One.  Talking to the wolves may be the only way to save Rand.  Perrin finds Ingtar and he says they went south.  Perrin says the wolves told him, and Ingtar is not surprised, as there was a warder, Elyas Machera, who was rumored to be able to talk with wolves.  Perrin agrees when Ingtar says not to tell anyone about him speaking to wolves. 

Perrin says he can smell something bad ahead of them.  Just then, Verin rides up to the party and says Moiraine sent her.[1]  Ingtar offers to let her ride with them, after she says she was looking for Rand.








  • At least one edition has this chapter entitled "Wolf Brother".


  1. Moiraine says she did not send Verin.The Great Hunt, Chapter 49

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