"Rand, this land was glad for a weapon to be made. Glad!"
   — Loial son of Arent son of Halan

External summary

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Setting: Mirror World, Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand sees that there are char marks on the ground, seemingly in a straight line. There is no sign of animal life anywhere. No birds, foxes, minnows or any other creature.  They come to a stream and he makes the others wait to see if anything happens to him before he lets them drink.  After riding for half the morning, Loial gets out of the saddle next to a group of trees and sings, touching one of the trees.  He then holds in his hand a staff made from the tree, which now has new growth.

Hurin continues to follow the trail, but it is as if he is remembering the trail instead of following it. There is also no sign of anyone passing through this land. Rand takes the first watch that night and sees Ba'alzamon again. He calls Rand Lews Therin and Rand denies being the dragon. He tells Rand there are people in the Tower who are of his number, and that he knows Rand is hunting for the Horn of Valere. He offers to teach Rand how to channel, if he will only serve the Dark Lord. When Ba'alzamon finally leaves, Rand realizes he is still holding his Heron-mark sword and that he now has a heron branded into his hand.[1]









  1. The first of 4 marks to identify him as the Dragon Reborn from the Karaethon Cycle.The Great Hunt, Chapter 26