"I vow, I'll never sleep again without first I see what kind of stone there is nearby."
   —Hurin after leaving the mirror world
For other chapters with "Choice" in the title, see Choice.

External summary

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Setting: Mirror World, foothills of Kinslayer's Dagger

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Selene says they must kill all of the Grolm or go elsewhere and urges Rand to head to the portal stone. Rand is stubborn and decides to fight. Rand embraces the Void and looses arrows at the grolm, managing to kill all five of them.  Selene looks as though she is not effected by the grolm's presence.  More grolm appear and Rand finally allows Selene to lead them to the next Portal Stone. Selene points out which symbol on the stone is used to return to the real world and has Rand channel while touching it. They finally get out of mirror world, and Loial says they are in Kinslayer's Dagger. Selene tells them they are probably ahead of Fain and the trollocs, since time or distance can move differently in the mirror world. Selene wants to stay with them a few more days, to see if they can get the Horn.  Rand reflects that Egwene would never say he was brave, like Selene did. Hurin goes to find a camp where they can watch for the Horn.







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