"I always believe in giving people what they deserve. Yes. I suspect you will learn a great deal once you reach the White Tower"
   —Siuan Sanche

External summary

<<<   To the White Tower    >>>
Setting: River Erinin, Tar Valon

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene and Nynaeve are onboard the River Queen, going to Tar Valon.  From her dreaming, Egwene is worried that Rand is in danger. Nynaeve changes the subject to get her to not think about him right now.  They are bound for Tar Valon, to learn how to be Aes Sedai.  Egwene has been having dreams about a man in a mask hurting Rand.[1]  The Amyrlin comes in their room to give them lessons, and succeeds in making Nynaeve angry.  The Amyrlin has been told that Nynaeve can channel at her best when her temper is high.  

The ship docks at Tar Valon, and the girls can see Dragonmount off to the west.  This sight makes Egwene think of Rand.  Everyone rushes to the dock to greet the Amyrlin, and they seem to have forgotten about Nynaeve and Egwene.  A dockman tells Nynaeve that her horse will be taken to the Tower, and they should get a move to get to the White Tower.  

Sheriam meets Egwene and Nynaeve at the ship, and says she is to show them to their rooms.  Nynaeve says she is to be Accepted and the Mistress of Novices agrees, but says she has never heard of that being done before. Nynaeve expresses her concern on how hard Novice training will be for Egwene. Sheriam reassures her that they won't be too hard on a novice, but that the first few weeks as accepted are very difficult.









  1. Ba'alzamon

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