"You will pay for what was done to me, al'Thor! The world will pay! The world will pay!"
   — Padan Fain

External summary

<<<   Beneath the Dagger    >>>
Setting: west of Kinslayer's Dagger

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Loial, Hurin, Selene, and Rand camp for the night, Rand thinking that Egwene must be in Tar Valon by now, and she would not be happy with the way he has been looking at/thinking about Selene.  Selene is searching Rand's saddlebags and when he catches her she says she needs a new shirt because her dress is dirty.  She keeps talking about glory, and Rand getting the Horn of Valere.  Hurin suddenly runs up and says he sees a campfire.  It must be Fain, Rand thinks.  Loial wakes up and they see the camp Hurin was talking about.  Rand and Loial stalk to the camp, at Selene's urging.  Rand finds the chest that holds the Horn, and Mat's dagger lying on top of it next to a sleeping Fain.  He reaches out, using the Void for calm, and grabs the dagger, putting it behind his belt.  Rand motions to Loial to take the chest, which he does, and Fain wakes up as they move away.  Rand wrapped himself in the Void and starts fighting off trollocs and kills at least seven.

When they get back to camp, Selene wants to see the chest, and Rand says he doesn't know how to open it.  She does, and Rand lifts the Horn out.  Selene read the words on the Horn, Tia mi aven Moridin isainde vadin, and Rand puts it back.  He tells them about the dagger, and how he needs it to help Mat.  Selene wants Rand to get rid of the dagger. He places the dagger in the chest so none of them have to carry it.

Point of view: Padan Fain

Fain wakes up and yells to the trollocs, Find the dagger! it's gone! al'Thor! Go find him!  The world will pay for what was done to me! Fain shouts. He knows something is different about his thoughts, just not exactly what. 







Sword FormsEdit

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