"Patience is a virtue that must be learned, but we must all be ready for the change of an instant."
   — Sheriam Bayanar

External summary

<<<   The Testing    >>>
Setting: White Tower

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve is ready for testing.  Sheriam takes her to the Silver arches ter'angreal, and the ceremony begins. She has to pass through the arches three times to face her fears, once for the past, once fort present and once for the future. She is given a chance to refuse the testing and become a novice, but wants to become accepted so she can learn.

She goes through the first archway, and finds herself in a maze with no memory of her past. After wandering through the maze for a while she encounters Aginor. She runs and he taunts her as he chases. Her fear changes to anger and she channels a fireball which strikes him in the chest. They begin a battle and Nynaeve is winning but the exit arch appears. Frustrated, she abandons the battle and leaves. Sheriam tells her that she shouldn't have been able to channel in the arches.

She goes through the second archway and sees Emond's Field in shambles.  She talks to the Marin al'Vere, who says Cenn Buie is mayor, and that Bran is dead.  There is a new Wisdom, Malena Aylar, who bullies people into doing things and murders those who stand against her. Nynaeve and Marin plan to get the Women's Circle to stand against her but the arch appears and Nynaeve had to leave.

The third time inside the arches, she is outside a restored Malkier.  Lan is there, and they kiss, but she doesn't want it.  Lan tells her she is the queen of the Malkieri, and they have children.  Nynaeve desperately wants to get out of the "dream", but begins to get caught up as if it was real. She misses the arch, but then channels to force it to appear and flees.

Siuan and other Aes Sedai are in the chamber now to confirm her as Accepted. 


In the ter'angrealEdit




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