"What I do want to know is, do you still have my harp and flute? I want them back, boy. What I have now are not fit for a pig to play"
   — Thomdril Merrilin

External summary

<<<   Cairhien    >>>
Setting: Cairhien

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand, Hurin, Loial and the soldiers led by Elricain Tavolin arrive in Cairhien (city).  Hurin says the Illuminators have a guild in this town.  The Topless Towers are being worked on, but the Ogier are no longer assisting.  Further into the town, the group gives their names and are told to return by the next day with the name of their inn. Rand inquires after Selene, but receives no response. The Defender of the Dragonwall is the inn they find to stay at. The innkeeper is called Cuale. The people here seem to think he is Aiel too.  He wants to leave, but needs to stay so Ingtar can find them and Selene said she would be here.  They are shown to their rooms, and Rand wants to go to the Foregate and wait for his friends, but no one wants to come with him.  Loial worries he will meet up with other Ogier that may know he does not have permission to be "outside". Hurin dislikes the smell of violence that permeates the Foregate.

In the common room, Rand gets invitations for parties from several houses. He sees this as More Daes Dae'mar, so Rand throws them into the fire, and says loudly, "I am not playing your game!"  

He goes outside and  sees all the festivities in the Foregate, one of which is someone wanting money to see an Aes Sedai do tricks.  Then he hears Thom Merrilin.  The fade that was after Thom didn't kill him but did injure his leg, then it ran off after Mat and Rand when they left Whitebridge.[1]  Thom says he wants his flute and case back, and does Rand still have it?  The Bunch of Grapes is where Thom is staying, he tells Rand to come there, and bring his instruments!              









  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 26

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