External summary

<<<   Among the Elders    >>>
Setting: Stedding Tsofu

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand and the others are asked to meet with the Elders of Stedding Tsofu. Rand suggests to Loial that he wait outside so perhaps the elders will not dig in to why he is outside while so young. Loial is still very nervous because all of the girls and women seem to be sizing up as a husband or son-in-law.

Once in the company of the Elders, they ask Verin to examine Trayal, an Ogier that traveled the Ways long ago.  She tries, but says he is simply an empty shell. Still, Verin insists that they need to continue via the Ways despite the risks and the Elders reluctantly give their permission.  Rand, Perrin and even Mat ask to have Loial continue to travel with them which is also granted so that they will have a guide when in the Ways.  They are asked to see Loial safely home when their task is safely done.  

Alar says he will lead them to the Waygate, so they can be on their way. Loial is all starry eyed over a flower Erith has given him. He finally presses it in the book he is reading. As they leave the stedding Rand can feel the return of his ability to channel.  As they open the Waygate, Machin Shin is still waiting for them.[1]  They cannot use this Waygate, and Ingtar says he will return to Cairhien and pursue the Horn from there.  Hurin suggests they use a portal stone since Selene said they were quick to use.  Verin says the nearest she is aware of is not close.  Rand says he can find the one in Kinslayer's Dagger although that is still a few days away.  Alar says they were not used since the Age of Legends.  Verin tells him she can figure it out how to use the stone.  Alar says there is a stone not far from where they are, and leads them towards it.








  1. It appears that Machin Shin picked up some of Padan Fain's ability to sense and follow Rand