"He is interesting, Egwene. More interesting than any man I've ever met, even if he is a shepherd. If you are silly enough to throw him away, you will have only yourself to blame if I decide to face down you and Mother both. It would not be the first time the Prince of Andor had no title before he wed."
   — Elayne Trakand to Egwene al'Vere

External summary

<<<   Flight from the White Tower    >>>
Setting: Tar Valon, the Ways

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Nynaeve, Egwene, Elayne, and Min walk through the Tower grounds, wearing their best clothes, except for Min who is dressed as a servant.  They hope everyone sees them as just people waiting to talk to the Aes Sedai, like the other commoners in the Tower grounds. Along the way they encounter Takima of the Brown Ajah and then Irella and Else.  They make it to the stables without being recognized, and Nynaeve gets the stableman to give them their horses. 

They make it to the Ogier grove, and Liandrin meets them.  Liandrin is furious when she sees Elayne and Min since they were not supposed to tell anyone.  Elayne says they were not told, but overheard and wish to help Rand and the other boys also. Liandrin comments that she had made arrangements to take care of Elayne and Min but not exactly what kind of arrangements.

Liandrin leads them to a Waygate, and opens it.  Egwene and Bela go through the Waygate too fast since time moves differently in the Ways.  She has to slow Bela down when they get across the threshold.  Inside the Ways there is a pressing darkness against the light such that the light is dimmer than it should be.  To Min's inquiry on how long they will be here Liandrin gives an uninformative reply that they will be here until she takes them out.  Liandrin is using a parchment to interpret the guidings and choose their path. They can all feel the Power, but know that it would be tainted, and they should not touch saidar.  They stop to eat, the rest sitting away from Liandrin.  Egwene asks what they should do if they encounter the Black Wind and Liandrin says that she will deal with it. Min wants to know what it is, and Elayne explains.  Egwene wishes somehow she can stop Rand from going mad but realizes that if it could be done, Aes Sedai would know. 

They discuss Rand and Egwene mentions that she is unlikely to marry so if one of the others marries Rand, she won't mind. They sleep and Egwene dreams of the man with flames in his eyes.[1]  In the morning Liandrin leads them on, seeming to want this over with as fast as possible. They spend another day traveling and a short night resting.  Liandrin finds the next Waygate for Toman Head and says, she has brought them to where they must go. 







  1. Ba'alzamon.