"You must know that the Great Hunt of the Horn has been called in Illian, the first time in four hundred years. The Illianers say the Last Battle is coming and the Horn of Valere must be found before the final battle against the Shadow."
   — Anaiya to Moiraine in Fal Dara

External summary

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Setting: Fal Dara, Shienar
Point of view: Moiraine Damodred
Moiraine donned her shawl before she went out to see the Amyrlin, as the Amyrlin did not just visit cities.  She knew she could have a certain presence, since Moiraine was raised in the palace at Carhien, and knew how to seem in charge.  Liandrin and Anaiya come to Moiraine's rooms to bring her to the Amyrlin. Liandrin protests that Moiraine should not have her room warded against sisters but Moiraine says the room is warded against all. Along the way they tell her of the three false Dragons in Saldea, Murandy and Tear.  
Moiraine sees Egwene scurry down the hall, a crouched shape (Rand) behind her.  Anaiya says that Elayne and Gawyn have come to the Tower.  The Great Hunt of the Horn has been called in Illian, according to rumors heard by Anaiya, and Elayne may be the first queen to reach full Aes Sedai in ages.  
Verin Mathwin and Serafelle (brown), a yellow, Carlinya (white) Alanna Mosvani (green), and Leane (formerly blue), the Keeper were all in attendance when Moiraine entered the Amyrlin's rooms.
Suian Sanche is the Amyrlin, and after ushering everyone but Leane, who remains silent, and Moiraine out of the room, the two discuss the dwindling number of Aes Sedai in the Tower.  Elayne (according to Elaida) and Nynaeve (according to Moiraine) may be the most powerful anyone has seen in ages, and Moiraine also brings Egwene.
The Amyrlin sped up her vessels with the Power to reach Moiraine quickly, and who knows what damage it could have done to the weather or crops along the way?  The Amyrlin heard of Elayne's strength from Elaida, but Moiraine counters with Egwene's power being the same and Nynaeve's being superior to Elayne.
Elaida told the Amyrlin that Moiraine had a boy who was ta'veren with her.  Moiraine should have brought him immediately to the Tower.  Suian sends Leane out of the room and greets Moiraine warmly, recalling their time as novices.