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External summary

<<<   Disagreements    >>>
Setting: Toman Head, Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

It is very cold and raining where they are traveling.  Rand wants to know why she can’t change the weather.  Verin does not want them to be detected.  She says the Seanchan’s damane will know.  Masema rides back to them and says there is a village up ahead.  Ingter dismounts in front of what appears to be an inn.  Uno takes the rest of the men and searches houses for food and blankets.  Hurin says there was killing in all the houses.  Ingtar says he must have the Horn.  He sounds desparate.  Rand still says he wants to get away from Aes Sedai.  He says Fain will harm Emond’s Field if he does not find him.  Uno came in, and said he could not find anything. 

Rand goes upstairs, and finds a lumpy bed.  It will do, he thinks, there’s nowhere else to sleep.  Ba’alzamon was standing next to Rand’s bed.  He calls Rand Lews Therin again, and says he will kill everything he loves again.  Rand says he is not Lews Therin, and that he will die before he follows him.  Rand is holding saidin, and hurls it at Ba’alzamon.  Ba’alzamon again says he is the only one who cn help Rand.  He squeezed his eyes shut and can see tendrils of smoke, so he knows the Father of Lies was there.







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