"You take me to this man. If he is any harder to handle than the Village Council with their backs up, I will eat this coat."
   — Nynaeve to Min and Elayne
For other chapters with "plan" in the title, see Plan.

External summary

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Setting: Falme


Point of view: Min

Min flees the damane quarters as Renna punishes Egwene for channeling without permission and blames herself. She hears her name being called and turns to find Elayne and Nynaeve disguised in long fleece coats. She tells them of her meeting with Bayle Domon and her plan to escape Falme on a ship. She also tells them that the Seanchan plan to take Egwene back across the Aryth Ocean because she can find ore.

Min has new viewings of Nynaeve and Elayne which mean trouble for both sometime in the future.

  • a man's ring of heavy gold floated above Nynaeve's head
  • above Elayne's head, a red-hot iron and an axe.

The three women go down to the Three Plum Blossoms Inn near the docks to meet Domon. Domon says he would sail that day if Turak did not send for him every two or three days to tell him about old artifacts. He is also afraid of the damane. Nynaeve says that she can provide something better than damane and shows him her great serpent ring. At the same time Min sees Lan's Golden Crane signet ring ring from her viewing a short time before. Domon agrees to be able to sail at an instant any time in the next few days, but warns Nynaeve with a tale about an Aes Sedai he witnessed being captured by the Seanchan. Her name was Ryma. The leave the inn and Nynaeve comments that they still have one or two small problems to solve before they can take ship.

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