"I won't go back to that collar. I won't!"
   — Egwene al'Vere

External summary

<<<   To Come Out of the Shadow    >>>
Setting: Toman Head
Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

Nynaeve al'Meara and the others go to where the Damane are kept. She is dressed as a sul'dam holding an a'dam linked to Seta. With Elayne Trakand and Min Farshaw, Nynaeve sneaks into the room where Egwene al'Vere is being held. Egwene is held by an a'dam and tells the girls she thinks she saw Rand al'Thor. Nynaeve sends a trickle into Egwene's a'dam freeing her. Egwene slips into a spare sul'dam outfit Nynaeve managed to steal. Egwene tells the girls about not being able to move the bracelet when they are held captive. She places Seta's a'dam on the peg previously held by her own. Egwene then reveals that a sul'dam claim about developing an affinity with woman who channel, but this isn't quite correct. Sul'dam can actually channel, taking the example of Seta being leashed with the a'dam. Woman in Seanchan who are collared with an a'dam have the spark born in them. Sul'dam are picked during a feastday in Seanchan, where they put on the a'dam to see if they can feel the other woman. They are then taken away to be trained as sul'dam. Just then Renna walks in. Egwene snatches a pitcher into her stomach and snaps her old a'dam round Renna's throat. Egwene jumps on Renna and makes her feel great pain through the a'dam. Nynaeve pulls Egwene off of Renna. Egwene begins to sob, saying they made her feel pain through the a'dam. The girls leave Renna and Seta with an a'dam round each of their throats in the room while they escape. Min realizes there is nobody on the streets. A Seanchan patrol walks towards the girls. Egwene obliterates them with the One Power, screaming that she won't be collared again. Suddenly fireballs begin soaring down to where they are all standing. The girls all dive out of the way. Nynaeve becomes angry and begins to channel lightning back towards the origin of the fireballs. She hopes Bayle Domon is still waiting for them.

Point of view: Bayle Domon

Domon waits at the wharf. Lightning and fireballs begin to light up the sky, some falling close to where Domon is. Domon stops Aedwin Cole from cutting the mooring cable. Fire and earth begins to spray all around Falme. Domon gave his word and won't leave till Nynaeve arrives.

Point of view: Geofram Bornhald

Geofram Bornhald and his Children of the Light under his command wait near Falme. Lightning is ripping the sky. Bornhald sends Jaret Byar away. The Legion begins to walk in a long line of mounted soldiers.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is hiding in an alleyway watching a group of Seanchan approach. He is cut and bleeding from his fight with Turak Aladon. Ingtar Shinowa tells Rand that the Horn of Valere must be saved. Perrin Aybara, Matrim Cauthon and Hurin are at the other end of the alley watching another Seanchan patrol. Rand has a very strong feeling that Egwene is in trouble. Ingtar tells Rand that a man could hold fifty men in the alley, songs have been made about less. Ingtar reveals to Rand about letting a man inside Fal Dara, and when he shot the arrow, he didn't know if he was aiming for Rand or the Amyrlin Seat and that no one was meant to be hurt. Ingtar talks about men holding the Borderlands safe for the southlanders, who don't even believe in Trollocs. Why should men die for others who don't care, better the Shadow. Rand is shocked and wants Ingtar to clarify what he is talking about. With unshed tears in his eyes, Ingtar tells Rand that Rand is a better man than himself, that he who sounds the Horn think not of glory but of salvation. He wanted salvation for himself, as surely no man can walk in the Shadow too long to not turn back to the Light. Ingtar carries on telling Rand about the Portal Stone visit, of the many lives he had lived but never once being able to blow the Horn. Rand was ready to give it up for a friend. Ingtar tells Rand that there is always a price to pay and a man's right when to Sheathe the Sword. Ingtar turns to face the Seanchan by himself telling Rand and the others to escape while they can. Rand asks the Light to shine on Ingtar and to be sheltered in the palm of the Creator's hand. The last embrace of the mother welcome you home. All tension goes out of Ingtar to the relaxed, confident man Rand first met. Rand takes the others leaving Ingtar to his fate.







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