The Great Hunt of the Horn is an epic told by gleemen of the heroes of the third age that have traveled the length and breadth of the world searching for the Horn of Valere, usually after an official hunt has been called by Illian. The Horn is a sacred relic from the age before the age of legends, said to call heroes back from the grave.


Horn of Valere

Horn of Valere painting by Todd Cameron Hamilton

"... prancing, silver hooves and proud, arched necks. Silken manes flutter with tossed heads. A thousand streaming banners whip rainbows against an endless sky. A hundred brazen-throated trumpets shiver the air, and drums rattle like thunder. Wave on wave, cheers roll from watchers in their thousands, roll across the rooftops and towers of Illian, crash and break unheard around the thousand ears of riders whose eyes and hearts shine with their sacred quest. The Great Hunt of the Horn rides forth, rides to seek the Horn of Valere that will summon the heroes of the Ages back from the grave to battle for the Light...."
   —Thom Merrilin reciting in Plain Chant[1]

Hunters of the HornEdit

The following are mentioned as part of the cycle of the tales in the saga on the Great Hunt of the Horn:

Recently active huntersEdit

Main article: Hunter of the Horn

In Adar, 998 NE The Great Hunt of the Horn is proclaimed by Illian for the first time in four hundred years. Known present day hunters of the horn include:


  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 15

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