"The day you die, I die."
   — Al'Lan Mandragoran to El'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran

External summary

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Setting: Ebou Dar, Tarasin Palace


Point of view: Aviendha

A wind rises in Tremalking where the Amayar farm for the Sea Folk. The wind continues over the Sea of Storms where fishermen see a great fleet bearing the Seanchan banner. Onward the wind blows to Ebou Dar where many Sea Folk vessels wait for word of the Coramoor, their Chosen One.

Aviendha worries about Olver who is playing in the streets and may not be present for the move to the Kin retreat. Nynaeve is arguing with Lan about his promise to protect her. Aviendha nearly runs into Teslyn as they round a corner. Teslyn promises to not interfere with Elayne's plans even though she doesn't know what they are. Nynaeve tells Teslyn of the Gholam, Moghedien, the Black Ajah and the storm that is coming to Ebou Dar but Teslyn dismisses all of it as nonsense. Twenty Sea Folk Windfinders lead by Renaile din Calon Blue Star wait in the largest stableyard of the palace. Nynaeve and Elayne go to make sure the Kin and the other Aes Sedai are ready.

Reanne and the Kin are unhappy they are still in charge of guarding Ispan Shefar but Nynaeve won't assign the duty to the other Aes Sedai. The Kin and the Sea Folk begin to bicker until Nynaeve intervenes. Elayne asks Aviendha to open the gateway so they can leave Ebou Dar. The warders move through to scout, followed by the rest of the large group. Feeling watched, Aviendha looks around and sees the gholam high above.




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