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Setting: Ghealdan


Point of view: Sevanna

Sevanna is having a Seanchan man tortured, but he dies and Rhiale says they should used the Maidens or Black Eyes. They do not believe there are hundreds of thousands more Seanchan coming. They have found that Caddar has scattered the Shaido rather than sending them all to a safe place in the Wetlands. The Wise Ones all stand together against Sevanna but don't curtail her authority. The Shaido are camped at a Lord's manor with extensive outbuildings.

Kinhuin, a Mera'din asks judgment from the Wise Ones since they are not being allowed a full share of the loot. Sevanna passes the decision to the other Wise Ones, but not before giving her opinion on what the decision should be.

Point of view: Galina Casban

Galina is suspended in a sack over hot coals in a brazier and truly regrets having struck a Wise One. Sevanna arrives and has Galina lowered to the ground. Sevanna asks Galina if she will swear to obey her and Galina agrees. Sevanna then shows the oath rod she plans to use for swearing. Therava and a dozen Wise Ones arrive and are not happy that Sevanna plans to be the only one Galina will have to obey. Galina is terrified of Therava. Therava insists Galina swear to obey all the Wise Ones present but her and Sevanna above the others.

Therava tells Sevanna that the Wise Ones have decided Therava will be the Wise One advisor to Sevanna since she is acting as clan chief. Sevanna decides to move the clan to the east. As Galina observes dark clouds begin to drop snow although it doesn't reach the ground.








One Power

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