External summary

<<<   Floating Like Snow    >>>
Setting: Illian


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is in Illian to deal with the army Sammael raised to stop his advance. Rand proposes to talk to the soldiers himself and everyone around him objects. He does agree to take Gregorin den Lushenos and Demetre Marcolin with him. [Lews Therin]] has been absent from Rand's head for a while now and he isn't sure if that is good or bad. He also brings Dashiva and Hopwil as he rides to meet with the Illianer army. Rand has learned the Seanchan have taken Amador and Ebou Dar and wonders how much time he has before he has to face them. Rand uses the power to give his terms so everyone can hear. Everyone must either lay down their arms or join his army. Rand leaves the parley and as he releases the power he sees double for a short time.






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