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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp in Murandy


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene calls a meeting of the Hall of the Tower, the eighteen Sitters gather around standing early in the day. The meeting is not secret so other sisters gather around to find out what is happening. She orders the camp to rest for two or three days so repairs can be made. Siuan is waiting in her study with reports, mostly that everything is wearing out, supplies are short and coin is shorter.

Point of view: Aran'gar

Aran'gar has buried a corpse in the snow which she expects will not be found until spring. She reflects that she hardly remember what life was like as a man anymore.

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Lelaine arrives wishing to talk to Egwene about the Sea Folk. Romanda arrives and mentions it is the Sea Folk in Cairhien that need to be discussed. Rand met the Sea Folk in Cairhien but what they discusses is not known and they wish to find out. They hope that messages could be passed to Merilille using tel'aran'rhiod. Chesa enters with Egwene's midday meal and mentions that Mari seems to have wandered off. Later Chesa comes in and mentions that Selame is nowhere to be found either.

Siuan mentions a patterns she has noticed and brings it to Egwene's attention. All of the new Sitters in the Hall of the Tower are younger than they should be, much younger. Romanda arrives again and orders Siuan to leave. Romanda tells Egwene that when they meet with Pelivar Romanda is to be in charge of any discussions that take place. Egwene is only to be their figurehead. Lelaine enters and gives Egwene similar orders in favor of herself. Siuan enters and tells Egwene the meeting is arranged. Both are very satisfied that the situation is now exactly what they wanted to allow Egwene to take control of the Hall.

Point of view: Sheriam Bayanar

Sheriam enters her tent and is then shielded and flung on to her bed and punished for not finding out what Egwene is up to.







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