External summary

<<<   A Peculiar Calling    >>>
Setting: Parley with Andorian nobles in Murandy


Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene and the sitters begin mingling with the nobles from Andor and Murandy. Egwene tells Sheriam to find out about the references to Aes Sedai and Tower Guards moving through Andor. When Siuan starts to express concerns over Egwene's statements to the nobles, she mentions that she knows Siuan is in love with Gareth Bryne. She then heads over to talk with Talmanes. Talmanes wants to know where Mat is so Egwene tells him in Ebou Dar the last she heard.

Talmanes is going to aid Roedran, the king of Murandy in uniting the noble houses which are typically independent of the King. Egwene makes him promise to not get involved in a war though. Talmanes is also feeling Mat's ta'veren nature tugging him to the south, so he will no longer be shadowing the Aes Sedai army. As she moves away she notices Romanda and Lelaine casting angry glances her way. Both had told Egwene that they should be assigned the role of speaking to the nobles, but Egwene kept that task for herself.

Egwene mingles with the nobles, rarely getting the respect she should. Finally it is time to leave and Egwene wants to get everyone back before the sun sets so she can go forward with the next part of her plan.





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