External summary

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Setting: Rebel Aes Sedai camp in Murandy

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere


Egwene al'Vere gathers all the Sitters present at the meeting and leads them back to camp. Bryne offer her his support which she appreciates, but declines. There, she goes back to her tent and talks with Siuan, who gives her a few more tips and pointers towards the formal, upcoming meeting of the Hall. Siuan asks Egwene to not mention her feelings for him. Siuan does not seem to accept the fact that her work is being affected. Instead, she claims that she needs to be near the man because of Min's viewings.

A pavilion is erected, and Egwene calls for the Hall to sit. Before Lelaine or Romanda can arrange for the Hall to penalize Egwene for not relinquishing control at the meeting with the Andoran nobles, she calls a question for the Hall, who will declare war on Elaida? She then calls for a vote which stops Lelaine and Romanda since a question takes precedence over other business. In the end, the majority is accepted and Egwene declares war on Elaida. She then announces that once war is declared, the Amyrlin Seat governs the war by decree and the Hall must approve all decrees relating to the war. Egwene decrees that after their month of rest they will use traveling to start a siege of Tar Valon.