"When a woman plays the fool, look for the Man."
   — Lini Eltring to Elayne long ago

External summary

<<<   Unweaving    >>>
Setting: Farm near Ebou Dar


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne watches the Windfinders as they come through Aviendha's gateway, judging their strength in the Power. Most are not that strong, but three of the youngest are very strong, one as strong as Nynaeve. Horses bring through what was found in the Kin storeroom and Elayne begins sorting to get rid of the junk and see if she can find anything useful. The Windfinders have trouble mounting their horses since they have never ridden before. The Warders return from scouting indicating there is no danger nearby. Elayne finds a small amber brooch angreal. Merilille shouts No! startling everyone but Elayne can not see what is wrong. She notes that Aviendha has come through and then notices that Aviendha is unweaving the gateway, a near impossible task. Aviendha is doing this since the residue could be read by someone with the talent, which Aviendha has. Nynaeve gets everyone moving toward the farm while Elayne talks to Aviendha.

Point of view: Moridin

Moridin observes as Aviendha unweaves the gateway, but doesn't understand what she did. Madic gives Moridin the rumors of what the Aes Sedai took away with them including one that would allow them to fix the weather. Moridin is upset because the Great Lord will not be happy if the weather he has fixed in place is changed. His use of the True Power results in Madic's death.

Point of view: a gholam'

The gholam scents blood and finds corpse of Madic. He begins to feed while planning to follow the women.






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