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For other chapters with "Answer" in the title, see Answer.

External summary

<<<   Answering the Summons    >>>
Setting: Illian, Illian (city), Nemarellin Mountains


Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand and the Asha'man from the Black Tower begin scouting out Seanchan positions even though the weather has turned to strong storms. Rand assembles several groups of armsmen, each with forces from multiple countries to help assure they're loyalty. Rand channels a gateway, but lately he gets dizzy and sees double when he seizes the source. He moves his forces to Illian near the city as a staging point. Narishma finally arrives though later than Rand had expected. He brought Callandor from the Stone of Tear although the traps on it were more than what Rand described. From the city one thousand of the Legion of the Dragon with crossbows arrives. He moves closer to Ebou Dar while waiting for the Asha'man to bring the others, mostly those lords and ladies he trusts least, but also Davram Bashere.






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