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<<<   An Unwelcome Return    >>>
Setting: White Tower


Point of view: Elaida

Elaida is meeting with some of the Sitters trying to determine the accuracy of reports on Seanchan damane. They have plans to put Kings and Queens of their own choosing back in Cairhien, Tear and Illian. The Rebel Aes Sedai are stuck in Murandy for the winter.

After the meeting Elaida is instructed to recant some of her directives and issue new and more disruptive orders instead by Alviarin Freidhen. Elaida believed herself free since Alviarin had been gone from the Tower for two weeks. Alviarin sends the Mistress of Novices to Elaida to remind her that Alviarin is in charge. Elaida hopes for Alviarin’s exposure for her crimes against Elaida.

Point of view: Alviarin Freidhen

Alviarin reports to Mesaana. Mesaana reminds her to not rise above her station. Alviarin prostrates herself in front of Mesaana who is pacified. Mesaana is notified of Eliada’s decrees being distributed. Alviarin suggests Eliada’s removal but Mesaana brushes it aside. Instead Mesaana redirects Alviarin to inquire about the Ajah heads’ secret meetings, while regretting the loss of Galina for these matters. Alviarin notes Mesaana isn’t omniscient for not knowing the information and notices parts of Mesaana’s dress through her illusion, and hopes to find Mesaana unaware in the White Tower.





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