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Setting: White Tower, Near the Black Tower

Point of view: Seaine Herimon

Seaine Herimon is continuing her quest to find treachery in the White Tower, as Elaida has tasked her. She leads Zerah Dacan down to the bowels of the Tower, below even the level where Accepted are tested, and Pevara is waiting for them. Together, they have Zerah swear to obey with the Oath Rod, which they have borrowed for the purpose. Unexpectedly, although she is not Black Ajah, she is a rebel Aes Sedai from Salidar. She has now sworn an oath to obey Seaine and Pevara, and reveals to them the names of the other nine Salidar Aes Sedai spreading rumors in the Tower.

After Zerah has left, Saerin, Yukiri, Doesine, and Talene surprise the two women. They wish to know why the two of them have been snooping about, and Saerin grabs the Oath Rod. She suspects their purpose, and has everyone present retake the Oaths. When it is Talene's turn, she resists and reveals herself as Black.

Point of view: Toveine Gazal

Toveine is leading the Tower Aes Sedai to the Black Tower on Elaida's order. In a thicket she is stopped by several Asha'man who have her and her fellow Sisters shielded. Thinking there are just a few Asha'man at most, she orders her Guardsmen to attack and her fellow Aes Sedai to disperse. She is easily caught, and hears someone calling out that no Sisters are to be harmed, on order of the Dragon Reborn.

Toveine screams. Logain approaches, and kisses her. After inquiring, she learns that he has bonded her.





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