External summary

<<<   A Quiet Place    >>>
Setting: Farm near Ebou Dar


Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne and the group from Ebou Dar arrive at the Farm. Alise arrives to meet them but notices that Careane did not pull her hood up far enough. Other women on the farm notice and a cry goes up that it is Aes Sedai and the women begin to scatter. Alise is upset with Reanne, believing that she betrayed the Kin. Adeleas and Vandene link and take Ispan to a small side building to begin questioning, which angers Elayne since they did not ask permission. Ispan is defiant, claiming to have orders from Elaida. Aviendha threatens her but Adeleas says shedding blood during questioning is forbidden. Elayne is willing to get answers however she must from Ispan, but Vandene takes her outside and convinces her that they know the best way to proceed.

Meanwhile the scattered Kin and residents on the farm are being gathered up and settled. Elayne and Aviendha resume searching the storeroom stash. Two more angreal are found, a golden bracelet and a seated woman in age-darkened ivory. Nynaeve arrives and tells Elayne that it is time to use the Bowl of the Winds.









No woman was finished with the Tower until it was finished with her. -Saying in Andor

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