External summary

<<<   A Goatpen    >>>
Setting: Ghealdan, Bethal


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin and a small party are near Bethal in Ghealdan to meet with Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin based on a letter Rand received. Faile wishes to be the one to make contact and so does Berelain. Several days ago all of the channelers felt a lace of the One Power streaking high across the sky, but none of them know what it means. The Wise Ones with him wish the Aes Sedai Seonid Traighan to go to the meeting. Perrin decides to send Berelain with Annoura which angers the others that wished to go.

As they move away from Bethal Aram spots a disturbance at an abandoned farm some distance ahead. A group of men are attempting to set upon a smaller group including three women. Perrin, the Warders and Aram ride down while the Wise Ones channel to frighten the attackers. When the attackers scatter one of the women on a horse races out of the farmyard and Perrin chases, shouting they will not hurt them. Perrin escorts them back to his camp to find out what their story is. Two of the women are Maighdin and Lini and Perrin recognizes two of the men.






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