External summary

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Setting: Ghealdan, Bethal


Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin wakes to what seems to be cooler weather even though it has been much warmer than it should have been in winter. Perrin tours the camp to make sure everything is normal. The men notice that Perrin does not order the Red Wolfhead and Red Eagle banners taken down and the men are pleased. Balwer approaches Perrin and offers his services as a secretary and also to supply information. He tells Perrin the Prophet is probably in Abila.

Perrin needs to see the Wise Ones because they are treating the Aes Sedai as apprentices, which the other groups see as wrong. He enters the tent to find all six Wise Ones present and they immediately address their concern, which is that Masema must be killed. The Aiel dreamwalkers have seen that Masema is a danger to Rand so they advocate removing him as a concern. Perrin switches to the subject of the Aes Sedai and says they must not be beaten anymore. The Wise Ones tell him how apprentices are handled is none of his concern. Seonid who was eavesdropping is asked to come in and she pleads with Perrin to stay out of the affair. The Wise Ones tell him they are treated as apprentices and will continue to be so treated until five Wise Ones agree that they should have a higher standing.