"Who would sup with the mighty must climb the path of daggers."
   —Anonymous notation found inked in the margin of a manuscript history (believed to date to the time of Arthur Hawkwing) of the last days of the Tovan Conclaves
"On the heights, all paths are paved with daggers."
   —Old Seachan saying

External summary

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Setting: Black Hills, Aiel camp, Moridin's palace


Point of view: Ethenielle Cosaru Noramaga

The rulers of Kandor, Arafel, Shienar, and Saldaea met to perform a ceremony that had been recorded only seven times in all the years since the Breaking. This agreement would commit them beyond words. While they were meeting, Queen Tenobia of Saldaea tries to set up a romance between Queen Ethenielle of Kandor and Tenobia's uncle Kalyan Ramsin. They brought thirteen Aes Sedai with them. Each ruler slashes their hand and they grip their hands together. They give oath that they are all one to the death. Next they need to find al'Thor to do what needs doing.

Point of view: Verin Mathwin

Verin is in the Aiel camp, getting information from the Aes Sedai that are being held prisoner. She has been given permission by the Wise Ones to question them. Once the Aes Sedai enters the tent however, Verin uses a modified weave of Compulsion on them. This weave encourages them to look inside themselves to find a reason to accept and serve Rand as the Dragon Reborn. One of the prisoner Aes Sedai, Katerine Alruddin, escaped from the Aiel the night before and killed people to do it, thus proving herself as Black Ajah. Verin has a task, to keep Rand alive until it is time for him to die.

Point of view: Moridin

Moridin is sitting in a windowless, doorless room, idly playing with the two mindtraps hung around his neck. He is focused on the game he is playing, sha'rah, a modified version of the game now called "stones". He is allowed to use the True Power and has flecks of saa flowing through his eyes. He starts laughing when he realizes that he can't lose because he is playing both sides of the board.











One PowerEdit

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