The Queen's Man is an inn located in a small village on the Caemlyn Road, east of Market Sheran. Rand al'Thor and Matrim Cauthon are here briefly.[1] The name refers to the Queens of Andor.

Rand thinks of it as being "no bigger than the Winespring Inn" and then reflects that it seemed strange to think of it as being small, since he once imagined anything bigger as being a palace. Prices here are not as high as Market Sheran, but they still could not afford a room or even a meal.

Subsequently, they spent the night in the inn's stable, where they were attacked by the Darkfriend Mili Skane. They evaded her attack, Mat threatening her with the cursed dagger from Shadar Logoth, allowing their escape.


  1. The Eye of the World, Chapter 33

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