"Children of the Light are very good at one thing. Making people who have been neighbors all of their lives suspicious of each other."
   — Verin to the Lewins and al'Seens gather on Jac al'Seen's farm.

External summary

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Setting: Westwood, Two Rivers

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Verin urges Perrin along with Tam and Abell to start moving toward Watch Hill to rescue the prisoners of the Whitecloaks. Alanna has chosen to not come along. Faile comments that she wishes to see some of the Two Rivers and that her father raises sheep. Perrin asks Faile to come along as they scout the camp, but he refuses to let Loial come due to his very noticeable appearance. Instead he asks Loial to keep an eye on Alanna. Gaul, Bain, and Chiad scout ahead as the party moves out.

The nearby farms are deserted but they stop at Jac al'Seen's farm to rest the horses. Tam estimates there are at least two hundred Trollocs around, probably more. Perrin's party is spotted approaching the farm and men gather with weapons until they are identified as friends. As Perrin observes the crowd around him he finds that Faile is gazing at Wil al'Seen, the same way girls always seem to stare at the handsome fellow. Perrin greets him amiably while holding Faile and resting his hand on his axe. Will gets the message and drifts off.

Some of the Lewins and al'Seens encourage Verin and Faile to leave soon and head to a village, since it isn't safe in the countryside. Jac al'Seen ask Perrin why the Whitecloaks are accusing him, Mat, and Rand of being Darkfriends. Perrin doesn't know why Rand and Mat are being accused but he admits to killing Whitecloaks because they killed a "friend" of his.[1] Jac and his wife agree that Perrin is welcome to stay. Everybody receives some lamb stew for lunch. As they are finishing up, a boy comes in announcing Lord Luc is approaching.







  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.


  1. The wolf Hopper.