"You can't see it, or feel it. We ride with evil now, Mat. Watch yourself."
   — Rand to Mat after meeting up with Hadnan Kadere and the peddlers.

External summary

<<<   Misdirections    >>>
Setting: Aiel Waste, Rhuidean

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand and Rhuarc and the Aiel that follow him break camp. The Shaido leave also and follow a parallel course, since their home is in the same direction. The Wise Ones travel in between the two parties. Aviendha met him when he left the tent in the morning but she is far from friendly. Aviendha berates him over how he treated Elayne and mentions that her two letters should make it clear how she feels about him. This confuses Rand since the two letters contradicted each other.

Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Mat is glad that Aviendha is focused on Rand and not himself. His wounds still sting, but he refused healing from Moiraine and will just put up with the discomfort. The Wise Ones are keeping a close eye on Rand with Melaine even joining Moiraine on her horse so they can talk. Dorindha brings word to Rhuarc that there are peddlers ahead, heading this way. There are eighteen wagons, two were boxes on wheels for accommodations, two carried water and the rest were typical peddlers wagons. The leader of the peddlers is Hadnan Kadere. He claims to be looking for Cold Rocks hold and pales visibly when he finds out he is nearing Rhuidean where he is forbidden to go.

Mat offers to buy Kadere's hat for a gold piece and a woman nearby accepts the deal. Keille Shaogi introduces herself. She is ugly and fat but has a melodious voice. Rand mutters to Mat about traveling with evil, no turning back, and Lanfear. Mat wonders when he will find a way to get away from Rand.






  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.

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