"Why, whatever are you two doing? I expected Trollocs after all that racket, but not this."
   — Marin al'Vere to Faile and Perrin when she finds them on the floor of the inn.

External summary

<<<   The Breaking Storm    >>>
Setting: Emond's Field

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin wakes up in a bed in the Winespring Inn the morning after he was Healed by Alanna. Faile slept on a chair in the room and tells him he needs to rest in bed for two or three more days. Perrin senses that she is evading telling him something. When he persists, she admits that Loial and Gaul left earlier that morning, gone to deal with the open Waygate. Perrin starts getting dressed to go after them and Faile tries to stop him. They are still arguing as Perrin exits the room with Faile vainly trying to hold him back by the arm. As Perrin takes the first step going down the stairs, his leg fails to hold him and they both roll down to the bottom.

Faile tries to convince Perrin that he can not do everything and that it is his responsibility to stay in the village and lead. Outside a shout of "Trollocs!" is heard and Perrin insists on going out to see what is happening. Perrin finally gets his way to go outside but Faile gets a promise from him to stay on his horse and not try to fight. There was only one Trolloc but then Bain and Chiad come in from scouting and say that there are as many as five hundred preparing to attack.

Perrin talks to Bran, Tam, and Abell about the imminent attack. Bran shouts out to the villagers to get to their places. Tam arranges the archers while Ban, Tell, and the other companions from the Trolloc hunting gather around Perrin with a Wolf-Head Banner on a staff. Perrin would like to send Faile back to the Inn but realizes it would not work. At three hundred paces the archers begin their volleys and the catapults are fired. They are able to kill all of the Trollocs and three Fades before they reach the walls and the villagers let out a loud cheer and give Perrin the credit for leading them to victory.

As Tam and Tomas examine the field of battle they conclude that this was a test, not a true effort to succeed with the attack. Suddenly there are shouts and a clamor from the south of the village.






  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.

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