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Setting: Stone of Tear

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere


Egwene expresses her impatience with whatever is delaying Moiraine, who received a message from Careen. Even Avienda, who sits in the room with her does not know. Guilt over her deception at being full Aes Sedai clouds her thoughts, especially around Avienda, who Moiraine placed with Egwene for unknown reasons.[1][2]

Nynaeve's mutterings about Tanchico bring Egwene back to the task at hand, the questioning of two Black Ajah prisoners[3]; Joiya Byir[4], formerly of the Gray Ajah, and Amico Nagoyin, who was Stilled.[5] Amico continues to tell them that they should go to Tanchico and after overhearing Liandrin speak to Temaile of something[6] [7] able to control the Dragon Reborn, with some risk to the controller as well.


Sometimes she thinks she's still the Wisdom and I'm still the village girl to teach about herbs. She had better realize things are different now. - Egwene about Nynaeve

Nynaeve's impatience gets the better of her when she demands that they speak to the other prisoner, much to Egwene's anger. The two women engage in a contest of wills until Amico obediently turns to face the wall and awaits to be bound.

Before questioning the other prisoner, Avienda comments that Amico no longer shows the agelessness that most Aes Sedai show in their faces.[8] Egwene releases Joiya who tries to convince them that she has repented and returned to the Light. Egwene does not believe her, and postulates that the oaths a Black Sister swears must somehome override the Oath Rod and the Three Oaths. She orders the prisoner to give her tale once more, but worded differently in an attempt to catch her in a lie. She recalls a plot[9] to rescue Mazrim Taim, the False Dragon, and wreak havoc upon the land while posing as Rand al'Thor, the nations will band together to destroy the Dragon, and the Dark One will break free with no chosen one to fight him at Tarmon Gai'don.

While deciding which one to believe, the door storms open to reveal Moiraine, her prized Aes Sedai serenity nowhere to be found.

Unanswered QuestionsEdit

  • How was Amico stilled? Was it by Egwene's shield in Tel'aran'rhiod? Was it by Nynaeve when she punched her? A combination of both?








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