"All I ever wanted from you was to learn about Aes Sedai. I. ... You are not as I was taught. The Light be upon me, I ... like you."
   — Egeanin to Elayne and Nynaeve when they discover she is Seanchan

External summary

<<<   Revelations in Tanchico    >>>
Setting: Tanchico

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne, Nynaeve and Egeanin are having difficulty eating their food with Sursa, which have recently become the fashion in Tanchico. As Rendra leaves them to their meal, she mentions regular eating utensils are under their napkins. Seven days have gone past since they first met Egeanin. They have met often since then. Riots have kept them confined to the inn while Thom and Juilin generally come back battered from their explorations looking for Liandrin's group of Black Sisters.

Bayle Domon knocks and enters saying he has found them. He recognizes Egeanin immediately and the two start fighting. Domon pins her to the floor and when she grabs her belt knife, Elayne channels air to stop her from stabbing him. Domon announces that she is Seanchan which stuns Elayne since she likes her. Nynaeve says they know more than the Seanchan about sul'dam and damane, that sul'dam also can channel. Egeanin replies that she knows that now also.

Egeanin explains that she is here to find sul'dam that escaped from Falme. She found one and learned that an a'dam will hold her. She let Bethamin go last night. Nynaeve asks Domon to explain who he has found. Juilin then enters and he has also found them at the Panarch's palace. Thom also enters, having found out the same as Domon and Juilin. They discuss how they might continue but they can't really make plans unless they know if Amathera is a Darkfriend, being duped or is a captive. The men go out to see if they can find out more while Elayne and Nynaeve keep watch on Egeanin.

The men come and go, each time leaving a tidbit of information they have come up with and looking a bit more bruised and battered. Nynaeve finally says there will be no more going out, instead they will keep watch while Elayne, Nynaeve and Egeanin sleep. Nynaeve has Elayne bind Egeanin's hands with the power. Nynaeve goes to sleep with the Dream ter'angreal so she can enter tel'aran'rhiod tonight to meet Egwene.







  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.

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