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"Then drop these into it, where no one can ever fish them out again."
   — Nynaeve to Bayle Domon on making sure the Domination Band is never used against Rand by dropping it into the ocean

External summary

<<<   Into the Deep    >>>
Setting: Tanchico, Panarch's Palace

Point of view: Nynaeve al'Meara

As Nynaeve runs through the palace she sees Liandrin and Rianna Andomeran, but fortunately they do not see her. At the prearranged meeting place Elayne, Egeanin and Amathera are waiting for her and Amathera says that she will provide papers to allow them to safely leave the city. Nynaeve tells them what just happened with her encounter with Moghedien and the others are stunned that she managed to capture one of the Forsaken. Nynaeve also tells them that she has the seal as well as the sad bracelets. A door to the outside opens. Juilin Sandar, Bayle Domon and Thom are there with three hundred of Bayle's men. It is total chaos with rioters fighting the Whitecloaks.

Back at the Three Plum Court, Elayne introduces Amathera to Rendra as 'Thera,' a refugee. Rendra takes her to the kitchen. Elayne tells them that Amathera has agreed to stay in hiding till she can muster her own troops so she does not have to answer to King Andric. When Nynaeve shows them the seal and the sad bracelets, Bayle recognizes the seal and says that he actually owned one. Elayne tries to melt the sad bracelets with Fire, but they do not react at all to her channeling. They agree that Bayle will take them and throw them in the sea while the others will take the seal back to Tar Valon. Nynaeve then plans to go back to Tear or wherever Lan is.







  • At least one edition has the wheel icon for this chapter.

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