The Silver Swan is an inn in Caemlyn which seems to be one of the best in the city and an Aes Sedai stronghold.


While Rand was ruling Caemlyn, Aes Sedai with Warders come and go frequently, never more than nine at any time[1]. As Red sisters did not stay there, and the Rebel Aes Sedai stayed at The Crown of Roses inn, it can be assumed those in the Silver swan were most likely unaligned sisters, presumably owing allegiance to Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Sisters continued to stay there after Rand left and when Elayne arrived in the city some time later, there were ten Aes Sedai [2]; they never approached her and Elayne kept them under surveillance and suspected that they movements were coordinated by someone.

After Talaan and Merilille disappeared, Chanelle sent Renaile to the Silver Swan to demand the Aes Sedai there produce them, or pay what the Tower owes the Sea Folk[3].


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