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The White Boar is an inn located in Watch Hill in the Two Rivers. It sits at the crest of the hill and is visible for some distance around the village. It has a distinctive tile roof, the only inn in Watch Hill to do so.

During their original flight from the Two Rivers, Rand al'Thor and Mat Cauthon heard the sounds of merry-making from the tavern and wished they could stop for a meal at the White Boar, but the appearance of a Draghkar changed their minds.

Later, during the Whitecloak occupation of the Two Rivers, Dain Bornhald sometimes drunk in the inn, hoping the locals would relax and feed him information. After the Whitecloaks were ejected from the district, the banner of Manetheren was raised above the inn, as foreseen by Perrin Aybara in a wolf dream.

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