The White Ring is an inn in the town of Maderin to which Thom Merrilin and Matrim Cauthon escort Tuon and Selucia so that Tuon may observe a hell. The two women are unaware that the inn in question is not a hell.


The White Ring is a three-story brick building with a red door. Its painted sign is a frilly white circle of lace that resembles a woman's garter more than it does a ring. Its common room is spacious and wood-paneled, its patrons are carefully dressed and the kitchen offers up delicious smells.[1]


While at the White Ring, Thom quietly informs Mat that it is not a hell but he believes that because Tuon has led such a sheltered life, she will not recognize that she is being had. Mat forces a bet on it while Tuon makes her way to where a singer is performing My Loves are So Many. When Tuon comes back from listening to the singer, she informs them that she has doubts as to whether this is a hell and Thom gives Mat a crown.[1]


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