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EWoT: Therava

Biographical information
Nationality Aiel
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Weight Slim
Hair color Gray
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC Prologue
Last appeared KOD 30
Occupation Wise One
Sept Unknown sept

Therava is a Shaido Aiel Wise One. She can channel strongly.

Appearance Edit

She has dark red hair with streaks of white and deep blue eyes. She is taller than most men, slim and is hawk-faced.


Dumai's Wells Edit

Therava, along with Sevanna and Desaine, meet with the White Tower's Aes Sedai embassy about Rand al'Thor. When she and the others show up in Cairhien, they acknowledge that they are able to duplicate the weaves the Aes Sedai plan to use to bind Rand, then help murder Desaine.

When the Shaido Aiel attack the Aes Sedai holding Rand at the Battle of Dumai's Wells, Therava is present. She is also there when Sammael splits up the remaining Shaido across the world and she, along with the newly acquired Aes Sedai Galina Casban, go with Sevanna to Ghealdan. It is there that Therava is able to steal some of Sevanna's power and forces Galina to obey her by using a "binder" or Oath Rod.

After forcing Galina to obey her, Therava makes her gai'shain and takes her as her personal plaything, dressing her up in silk and jewelry and calling her "Lina" or "my little Lina."

Malden Edit

The Shaido finally settle down in the town of Malden. When Faile is captured, Therava makes her spy on Sevanna.

She begins to argue with Sevanna over staying too long in Malden and moving on to a more fortified position. Sevanna over-rules her. Therava replies that Bendhuin has received permission to go to Rhuidean and that Sevanna may not speak for the clan chief much longer.

Therava vows to return to the Aiel Waste, taking Galina with her. She vows never to return to the wetlands.

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