The Third War of Garen's Wall was a military conflict fought some time around 600 NE. Historical records of this war are patchy at best, possibly due to Aes Sedai machinations. It is not even known who fought the war, although Ghealdan, which controls the ridgeline of Garen's Wall, was almost certainly involved. Altara, which lay to the east, may have also been involved, but it is also possible it was a civil war within Ghealdan itself.

Aes Sedai meddling in the records is possible due to the fact the sisters themselves teach in history classes within the White Tower that the then-Amyrlin Seat, Shein Chunla, caused the war due to bungled mishandling of the situation. However, what is not taught is that some ascribe the mistakes of this period to the Hall of the Tower of the time, which was effectively ruling by decree and overruling Chunla's authority. The situation grew so bad that Chunla and the Sitters were all deposed in a mutiny launched by the other sisters.

Records of this mutiny and Chunla's fate (smothered to death by sisters fifty years later to prevent her being reinstalled on the Amyrlin Seat) are sealed in the Thirteenth Depository of the White Tower library.