EWoT: Thorin al Toren al Ban

Thorin al Toren al Ban
Biographical information
Nationality Manetherenite
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned TEOTW 19
Title King of Manetheren
Rank King

Thorin al Toren al Ban (translated from the Old Tongue as Thorin, son of Toren, son of Ban) was a king of Manetheren during the middle years of the Trolloc Wars circa 1150 AB. He was the father of Caar al Thorin al Toren and the grandfather of Aemon al Caar al Thorin - Manetheren's last king.


Due to the destruction of records during the Trolloc Wars, little is known of King Thorin's appearance or the details of his early life. He ruled Manetheren during a time when the entire world was at war with the Shadow and he helped forge Manetheren's reputation as a nation that would always assist others in the defense of humanity. Early in his reign he established a close relationship with King Balwen Mayel of Aridhol, who had been fighting protracted battles of attrition against armies of Shadowspawn.[1] Over time, King Thorin observed his ally despair of winning the war eventually falling under the manipulations of a councilor named Mordeth who advised that the only way for Aridhol to defeat the Shadow was to become as cruel as their enemy.[2][3]

Fearing that his greatest ally was being threatened from within, King Thorin sent his son Prince Caar to Aridol as an ambassador of the Light. Sadly, Caar and his embassy were imprisoned and tortured shortly after their arrival though Caar quickly escaped and fled north.[3] After learning of his son's suffering, King Thorin sent a military force to Aridhol to seek vengeance but the soldiers found the gates of Aridhol torn down and nothing living within the capital city. Thorin's men left and afterwards named the cursed place Shadar Logoth.[3]

Details of the final years of King Thorin's reign are lost to history. It is not known if King Thorin passed his reign to his son Caar or if Caar died in exile and the rulership was passed to Aemon instead. History only records that Manetheren was next ruled by Aemon circa 1200 AB.


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