The Time of Illusion is the description of life given by the Amayar.

The Time of Illusion Edit

In their view, life itself is an illusion, concealing the true life that is revealed after death. As such, the Amayar take little heed to the trifles of the outside world and instead live peacefully, since they believe that the current world does not truly exist in the first place. The Time of Illusion is likely what gave birth to the Water Way.

End of Illusion Edit

Although the exact wording of the Amayar's prophecies are unknown, the belief was that the Time of Illusion would end when the giant stone orb on Tremalking began glowing. The orb, in fact, was part of the buried female Choedan Kal, which glowed entirely during the cleansing of saidin. When the massive sa'angreal began to shine, the Amayar happily accepted the end of the Time of Illusion and committed a mass suicide of their people by way of toxic herbs.

The meaning of the suicide is known only to the outside world because the most potent herbs ran out and slower-killing concoctions had to be taken, allowing time for a few of the last people to be found.

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