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EWoT: Toveine Gazal

Aes Sedai flag ajah-red
Toveine Gazal
Biographical information
Nationality Saldaean
Current status Unknown
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Short
Weight Slightly plump
Hair color Dark, long, glossy
Eye color Dark
Chronological and political information
First mentioned ACOS Prologue
First appeared TPOD 26
Last appeared AMOL 14
Last mentioned AMOL 37
Affiliation Turning
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Red Ajah

Toveine Gazal was an Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah.


She is described as short and slightly plump with smooth copper skin, dark eyes, and long glossy dark hair. She was attractive, but not beautiful. Her name and skin tone suggest that she was Domani[1].


Being a Sitter in the Hall for a time means that Toveine is also a high ranking sister and a strong channeller by Aes Sedai standards. Thus she has the strength needed to use the travel weave.


Fifteen years ago Toveine, and other Sitters for the Red Ajah, were exiled by the then Amyrlin Seat Marith Jaen for their role in gentling male channelers beyond the walls of the White Tower[2][1].


Bonded to Logain Edit

She was called out of exile to lead a group of fifty or so Aes Sedai to destroy the Black Tower and to gentle and hang every man they found[2]. Notably, this was outside of Tower law, and extremely similar to what she was exiled for after the Aiel War.

Elaida abandons the Aes Sedai sent to capture the Black Tower, including Toveine, at Alviarin's suggestion [3].

Upon locating the Black Tower they were captured by Asha'man and Toveine was subsequently bonded by Logain Ablar, much like Aes Sedai create bonds with their Warders[1].

Her time at the Black Tower was not easy. She was roughed up by the other Aes Sedai who accompanied her, who blamed her for their capture. Carniele healed Toveine on Logain's request after she was beaten by the other sisters[4].

Logain's other bonded Aes Sedai, Gabrelle, told her that the captured sisters must unite and that they two would submit to the the strongest Aes Sedai there (Desandre and Lemai)[4].

While in the Black Tower, she managed to send a message out that was received by the Highest Tsutama Rath[5].

It was during a ride with Logain that she and Gabrelle heard Atal Mishraile tell Logain that Mazrim Taim was letting him leave to go look for recruits. Toveine, along with Gabrelle, went with him[6].

Searching for Rand Edit

Toveine ended up not looking for other recruits with Logain but locating Rand al'Thor instead, which was Logain's plan from the start[7].

She participated in the battle with the Trollocs when they attacked Algarin Pendaloan's manor[8] and was used to burn away all the dead bodies afterwards[9].

She watched Rand's meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons from a distance and Traveled in as backup when it was revealed that the Daughter of the Nine Moons was actually Semirhage[10].

She was captured along with Logain and turned to the Shadow by Mazrim Taim, Black Ajah, and thirteen Myddraal. Pevara noticed that when a woman is turned by male channelers, it is faster[11].

After the confrontations in the Black Tower between Taim's forces and Logain's forces, the whereabouts of Toveine became unknown. Logain has released the bond ordering to kill her and the other turned Dreadlords[12].


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