External summary

<<<   Stronger than Blood    >>>
Setting: White Tower in Tar Valon, Kandor and Arafel border


Point of view: Gawyn Trakand
Point of view: Lan Mandragoran

Lan Mandragoran feels different emotions through the Bond and assumes that he is now Warder to Nynaeve al'Meara. He arrives at the Silverwall Keeps with his company. The Golden Crane flies over one of the towers and a gathering of thousands of people wait around the fortress. Lan is worried that one of his crew has broken their oath but Andere assures him that this is where Lan must pass through. Lan's group conspicuously make their way through those that are gathered. Many wear the Hadori although there are many others from the Borderlands that are also present. Lan notices some who even wear the Golden Crown on their shoulder. Many greet Lan with Tai'shar Malkier but his identity is still hidden to them.

Lan just about makes it through the other side when somebody above him calls out his name. The voice belongs to Kaisel Noramaga and he makes his way over to Lan. Kaisel tells him that both he and Prince Kendral plan to ride with Lan. Lan tells him he should be riding with his nations army but Kaisel replies that his ancestors made an oath, stronger than blood to protect and defend. Kaisel tells Lan that his wife told him to wait for Lan here and that although he may be disguised, Mandarb never would be. Realizing Nyneave has outmaneuvered him, Lan gives in and asks for the Golden Crane to be raised for Tarmon Gai'don. A call goes up, then a cheer, then a roar.