"Me, I think that anyone who allows two roosters in the same barnyard deserves the ruckus they get."
   — Lini Eltring on Morgase returning to Caemlyn to rejoin Elayne.

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Setting: Whitebridge

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Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Morgase Trakand walks through the camp. She nods to Zarine ni Bashere t'Aybara and realizes that there is a rift between them now. Morgase looks at the newly joined Children of the Light section amazed. Morgase is unsure of her place now. She comes across Martyn Tallanvor, who is planning to ride into Caemlyn. He tells her that she needs to announce herself to Elayne Trakand as it is still assumed Morgase is dead, and her now showing up alive may affect Elayne's authority. Morgase confirms she is planning to visit her daughter. Tallanvor regrets telling Morgase that he would leave her and pledges his heart and sword to her forever. However, he is still bitter than duty will always be a wedge between the two. Morgase questions why, when Tarmon Gai'don is so close. She steps forward and kisses him. Lini spots them and demands that Perrin Aybara marries them right now. Tallanvor asks Morgase to be his wife and she accepts his proposal.

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin inspects a forest that has just suddenly died in one night. Fager Neald works in the forges producing more Power-wrought weapons. The Aiel have demanded their spears also be Power-wrought. The last of the non-combatants in Perrin's army are leaving through gateway to Caemlyn. He also sends a request to meet with Elayne. Perrin spots Faile and waves her over. Perrin confides he believes Bavin Rockshaw is not particularly honest and that Berelain sur Paendrag Paeron seems to be spending more time with Galadedrid Damodred. She has also proclaimed publicly that nothing happened between her and Perrin.






Trivia Edit

- This is the first time there has been written dialogue between Mat and Perrin since they were both in the Stone of Tear[1]

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