External summary

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Setting: Ghealdan


Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Morgase Trakand serves Perrin Aybara and all the leaders of his army tea, where they discuss matters arising. Nevarin and the Wise Ones found a village completely tainted by the Blight, which they burnt away. The army is traveling after Basel Gill and the other refugees from Malden, working their way steadily towards the border of Lugard. Perrin intends to send Queen Alliandre Maritha Kigarin back to Ghealdan once they find Gill and his people. Alliandre is loathe to do this, as more of her people are joining the ranks of Perrin's army anyway and she wishes to fight in Tarmon Gai'don under his banner, having sworn an oath to him. Perrin sends for Wil al'Seen and asks him to take down every Wolf-Head Banner and burn them. Perrin refuses to have men march under him as he is no leader, just a blacksmith. The other leaders argue against Perrin doing this, but Perrin is dead set on collapsing the army once they have finished their final task. Perrin asks Jur Grady to send some of the refugees back to their homes now by Gateway. Both him and Fager Neald are recovering from a sickness. Sebban Balwer suggests sending scouts to survey the land before sending refugees back by Gateway, and to Cairhien (city) to get in contact with Rand. Grady is still uncertain about how long he can hold a Gateway open, when Edarra suggests creating a circle and Linking together to form a larger Gateway that will last for longer. Perrin gives them the green-light to start trying. Seonid Traighan asks to be part of the scouting mission to Cairhien. Balwer also wishes to go to make contact with the school that Rand established in Cairhien. The meeting ends and everyone leaves the pavilion. Perrin calls over Morgase and Martyn Tallanvor, who was lurking nearby. He tells them both to get themselves ready as he intends to have them both married today. Morgase refuses saying that he does not have the authority to order something like this. Tallanvor stalks away. Morgase reprimands Perrin on the importance of decorum and discusses how a true leader should act. As she leaves she notices some Far Dareis Mai walking into the tent. Sulin reports that there is a large army of Children of the Light camped in front of them.