For the inn by the same name, see The Seven-Striped Lass.

External summary

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Setting: Caemlyn


Point of view: Matrim Cauthon

Verin's unopened letter is nagging Mat, along with the promise that bonds him to it. Mat over hears gossip that a man, Jowdry, was gruesomely murdered. The details were too horribly similar to the killings done by the gholam, Mat had encountered in Ebou Dar, for it to be a coincidence. Mat hastily exits the tavern, intent on retrieving Thom and prepare his men. Mat realize that he owes the gholam for the past murders of his men and Tylin.

Thom and Mat return to the camp. Elayne hasn't replied to Mat, but master Halwin Norry granted the location outside Caemlyn for his army to camp. Aes Sedai Teslyn asks Mat if he had heard the rumors about the White Tower. Mat replies he has heard too many rumors, Teslyn agrees that caution in believing rumors is wise. She thanks Mat for rescuing her, admitting she is in his debt and will return to the White Tower. Mat opens his tent flap and smells blood.