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For the Gareth Bryne's horse, see Traveler.

Lews Therin Telamon using Traveling

Traveling is the art of using the One Power to transport oneself over vast distances nearly instantaneously. Traveling is also related to Skimming. Traveling was an unknown skill since the Breaking, and has been only recently rediscovered by both the Asha'man and Aes Sedai.


Traveling is done through the use of gateways. It is important that the channeler knows their current location well. A gateway appears as a thin vertical line in the air, then expands into a rectangular portal. One cannot create a gateway within a gateway. If two gateways are created to the same location, the second gateway will open beside the first, with a small gap between the two. The weave holding the gateway open can then be tied off temporarily, after which the portal can be used by anybody in the area until it dissipates. If the weaves are left to dissipate, the gateway will shrink back to a single vertical line and eventually disappear. Using the One Power, it is possible, though difficult, to stop this process after it has started. Asmodean claims that of the original Aes Sedai, only Demandred, Semirhage, and Lews Therin Telamon could prevent a gateway from closing.

Male channelers describe the forming of a gateway with saidin as "boring a hole in the Pattern" to the channeler's destination. Forming a gateway with saidar is done by creating a similarity in the Pattern, then stepping through the gateway to the channeler's destination. It is important to first memorize the location from where you wish to open a gateway.

Apparently, in the Second Age, it was customary for the user to use a sound to herald the coming of a gateway.

Opening a gateway inside an object is possible, but the edges of a gateway will slice through objects cleanly. In this respect, it can be used as a weapon, but it would likely be difficult to target a gateway to open directly into a person.

Shadowspawn cannot survive Travel through a gateway, and are killed upon passing through one. This fact was used by Lews Therin when he seized control of the One Power from Rand al'Thor when he was channeling. Lews Therin used a weave he called Deathgates, moving gateways which open and close rapidly, trapping Shadowspawn.

It is revealed by Rand that gholam were created to be able to travel through gateways.[1]

True Power Edit

Traveling with the True Power is described as ripping a hole in the Pattern and stepping outside it entirely[2] and seems to be inherently destructive, possibly damaging the Pattern permanently. To Moridin's ears 'the world screamed' as he did it. It does not use gateways; the air seems to warp and distort around users and then they simply vanish. Users of this technique can take others with them by touching them as Hessalam did with her pets at Thakan'dar.


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