Tremonsien is a small town in the northern region of Cairhien.


Rand al'ThorSeleneLoial and Hurin pass through this small village soon after they emerge from the Mirror World they were accidentally trapped in, and after they had stumbled upon Padan Fain and his Trollocs and rescued the Horn of Valere. It is also the location of a huge sa'angreal, the Choedan Kal;  When it is first seen by our heroes, they are unaware of it's name, or even that it is a sa'angreal. Tremonsien is also where Selene leaves Rand for the first time.


"As many villages did, Tremonsien covered the top of a hill, but like the farms they had passed, this hill had been sculpted into terraces with stone retaining walls. Square stone houses sat on precise plots of land, with exact gardens behind, along a few straight streets that crossed each other at right angles."


"Yet the people seemed open and friendly enough, pausing to nod to each other as they hurried about their last chores before nightfall. They were a short folk- none taller than Rand's shoulder, and few as tall as Hurin - with dark eyes and pale, narrow faces, and dressed in dark  clothes except for a few who wore slashes of color across the chest. Smells of cooking- oddly spiced, to Rand's nose- filled the air, though a handful of goodwives still hung over their doors to talk."

Important locations within the villageEdit

The party stays at an inn known as The Nine Rings while in the village. 

"The inn, at the very top of the hill, was stone like every other building in the town, and plainly marked by a painted sign hanging over the wide doors. The Nine Rings. Rand swung down with a smile and tied Red to one of the hitching posts out front. "The Nine Rings" had been one of his favorite adventure stories when he was a boy; he supposed it still was."

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