EWoT: Tumad Ahzkan

Saldaea Banner
Tumad Ahzkan
Biographical information
Nationality Saldaean
Date of death 1000 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared LOC 1
Last appeared COT Prologue
Occupation Soldier

Tumad Ahzkan was from Saldaea and was a lieutenant under Davram Bashere. Bashere was grooming him to take command of his forces one day.

Appearance Edit

He was heavy shouldered with a hatchet nose and a black beard and mustache.

Activities Edit

He brings Mazrim Taim into audience with Rand al'Thor and Bashere, but is more servile to the latter.

When Rand's forces are asked to withdraw from Caemlyn, he is disgruntled with having to watch an enemy army lay siege to Caemlyn without being allowed to interfere.

He goes with Bashere to Algarin Pendaloan's manor in Tear, where they meet up with Rand. He dies in the Trolloc attack against the manor.

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